Palace Plate 110

Palace Plate 110

Petrol Lighter Gold

Petrol Lighter Gold

Palace Plate 220

Auf der Kyushu Insel im Süden Japans liegt die Stadt Arita. Seit 400 Jahren wird dort traditionell Porzellan hergestellt.
"1616/ Arita" ist eine moderne Porzellan Kollektion vom Designer Teruhiru Yanagihara.

Die Palace Teller sind das Herzstück dieser Kollektion.
Die Matte Oberfläche ist unglasiertes

Farbe: Hellgrau
Größe: φ22,7 x H2,5

Die Teller sind Spühlmaschinen und Mikrowellen geeignet.

Porzellan ist besonders robust und haltbarer als normale Keramik.


Arita is the famous and ancient ceramics town located on Kyushu Island in Southern Japan. It was in this town, in the year 1616, that the Koreans first introduced the art of porcelain pottery to Japan.
“1616/ Arita” are two contemporary porcelain collections, which have been created by Japanese design and art director of 1616/ Teruhiro Yanagihara The ‘TY Standard’ collection is minimalist, versatile and highly functional, as all the elements stack densely

Size in cm: φ22,7 x H2,3
Color: grey
The surface is unglazed

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Teruhiro Yanagihara, the creative director of 1616 / arita japan, designed the Standard series and at the same time invited Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings to develop their own line named Colour Porcelain. Both contributions throw new light on Japanese tradition, mixing Asian craftsmanship with European culture. While Teruhiro Yanagihara experiments with the clay and the usage of the pottery, Scholten & Baijings emphasize the dialogue between applied art and everyday use by means of colour and form.